Ian, the founder and owner of The London Tanners has now retired, so is no longer making these top-quality leather products.  Subscribe to our BLOG to read about The Next Chapter and beyond of The London Tanner!  If you’d like to read more about The London Tanner, and his Leather Work CLICK HERE.

Some of the Leather Implements produced by The London Tanner:

1.Glasgow Tawse; 2. Lochgelly Tawse; 3. Razor Strop; 4. Reformatory Paddle; 5. Canadian Prison Strap; 6. Domestic Discipline Strap; 7. Spanking Strop; 8. Ex. Heavy Lochgelly Tawse; 9. Ex. Heavy Glasgow Tawse; 10. Extreme Loopy Johnny; 11. Boudoir Paddle; 12. CP Ruler Tawse; 13. CP Ruler Paddle (Long); 14. Daddies Double Trouble; 15. CP Ruler Paddle (Short); 16. Irish School Strap; 17. Domestic Discipline Paddle; 18. CP Ruler Strap; 19. Grandma Slipper Paddle; 20. Loopy Johnny; 21. Riding Crop; 22. French Martinet


Note:  all implement pictures taken by photographer MG. Graphics work completed by Zelle.

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