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We present the Domestic Discipline series for those who want more intimate implements. Many of these implements are used by couples practicing Domestic Discipline.  Domestic Discipline (DD) is the enforcement of order between members of a household, where each partner’s role is well-defined. Traditionally, the Head of the Household (HOH) and their partner(s) define and agree upon what constitutes bad behaviour or unacceptable actions within their relationship. When the partner fails to comply with the HOHs’ rules, they consent to being disciplined, often in the form of a spanking.

DD implies that there is love in the relationship, that each cares for the other(s), and are committed to trying to make the relationship happy and fulfilled. A cornerstone of the DD relationship is that discipline reduces arguments. Many couples report that, despite what one might think, spanking promotes communication, either at the actual time of discipline or leading up to and post spanking.

Relationships are difficult. Domestic Discipline requires a lot of work and can only be successfully undertaken by dedicated couples in which at least one partner has the stability and strengths required of a disciplinarian. But it can make the difference between disaster and lasting happiness. (Taken from

This is the London Tanners selection of Paddles and Straps that we consider perfect for Domestic Discipline.

Our Implements come in Rich Dark Tobacco Brown ONLY.  Actual colour may be darker than the images appear on the website.  You can also click on individual items (from the right side bar) to see other views of the colour.



This fine paddle will remind you of days gone by, when Grandma was not afraid to deliver a well earned spanking. The ‘Slipper’ part comes from its flexibility; Made of 2 layers of  British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather; the Top layer is 4mm (10 oz) and the bottom layer is 5-6mm (12+oz). It is completely hand stitched all the way around the outside edge and has a built up handle inside the two layers.  This not only gives it real substance, but also builds up the handle for better grip. Measuring 13 inches by 3 inches at the wide end, it has a 2 inch knobble at the other, with a hole for hanging. It is approx 3/8ths of an inch thick. All the edges are marked with a saddlers crease, and are fully beveled, burnished and finished.



Boudoir (noun): A woman’s bedroom or private sitting room; from the late 18th century. In French, “bouder” literally means “to pout or sulk”. A lot of loving domestic discipline was administered in the bedroom, whether for privacy or erotic appeal, over the end of a bed or a vanity chair.

This beautiful oval leather Paddle is one of our biggest sellers. It’s made of a double layer of British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather of the finest quality; the Top layer is 4mm (10oz) and the bottom layer is 5-6mm (12+oz).  The Boudoir   Paddle is over 3/8ths of an inch thick and is hand-saddle stitched around the entire paddle measuring 12 inches by 4 inches, including its 5 inch reinforced handle.  The Boudoir Paddle is ideal for delivering a sound, over-the-knee spanking.  It is as comfortable for the top as it is uncomfortable for the bottom! Its size and shape make it a perfect accessory for a Lady’s vanity or Gentleman’s dressing table. Ideal for a sound bed-time spanking!!





Our DD Strap is made of the finest quality 12+ oz (4-5 mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather.  The strap is 20 inches long by 2 ½ inches wide, and has a 5 inch reinforced, built-up handle for added comfort on the giving end. The blade is approx ¼ inch thick with a double saddlers crease line around it and all the edges are beveled and burnished to a glass smooth finish. The strap is pre-oiled, making it particularly uncomfortable for the recipient, and it is bound to leave a lasting impression on a disobedient partner.





After the popularity of our Domestic Discipline Strap, many people asked for a smaller version for use over the knee or by those wanting to avoid wrapping. This variation is also made of the finest quality 12+ oz (5-6 mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather.  It is 16 inches long by 2 ½ inches wide with the same 5 inch reinforced and built-up handle as the Domestic Discipline strap. The blade is approx ¼ inch thick with a double saddlers’ crease line around it and all the edges are beveled and burnished to a glass smooth finish.  This implement is ideal for those wanting to get their point across whilst having the recipient over their knee.





This Strap is very much like a refined copy of Daddy or Mommy’s Belt or Razor strop. The sound of the impact will command respect and obedience, to say nothing of the feel! This should be a mainstay of any self respecting disciplinarian’s collection.

This 18 inch strap can be used for a very sound over the knee spanking, or with the recipient bent over a bed, desk or sofa. The overall length is doubled with a thickness of 1/4+ inch. The strap is made of the finest quality 10 oz (4-5mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather, with a rounded 6 inch reinforced, hand saddle-stitched handle. It is fully beveled, burnished and has finished edges with a saddlers crease line around the outside. It’s an ideal deterrent for hanging on display.

This strap is a replica of an original strap circa 1948 and is hand-crafted to those original specifications by The London Tanners. It is Ideal for chastising that naughty boy or girl.




Whips are highly specialised discipline punishment instruments with a rich French flavour. The French methodically disciplined unruly boys and girls for over a hundred years with the martinet, using it in schools and homes until the late 1970s for corporal punishment. This highly specialised instrument was refined into its modern form by Major Martinet, of the French military academy St. Cyr, (the equivalent of Sandhurst or West Point), who desired to develop an implement suitable for punishing officer cadets on their bare bottoms.

None of the paddles, straps, strops, belts, or tawses leaves the delicate lash marks unique to Martinets. Don’t let the size of The Traditional French Martinet deceive you! These delightful Martinets can gently caress but can also imprint long narrow nettle stings that leave a lasting impression and quickly correct unacceptable behaviour.


The London Tanners French Martinet has a wicked little sting, but because of its small handle, can be conveniently carried in a purse or pocket so that any transgressions committed by naughty boys or girls can be dealt with immediately. This is an exact miniature replica of a typical Martinet sold in French hardware shops for many years. The French Martinet is made with ten, 20 inches by 1/8th inch heavy oiled lashes and is attached to a 5 inch tapered wooden handle. The French Martinet comes with a wrist strap so it may be hung as a deterrent to those naughty boys and girls.




This is a REALLY nasty little piece that is very popular with practitioners of Domestic Discipline, mainly because it is quiet to use (although the sounds the recipient tends to make compensates for that!). We have seen others made in rubber and plastic, but we have never seen a leather one.

It’s made with approx 13-15 inches by 1/4 inch of rounded edge loop, heavy 12+ oz (5-6 mm ) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather.  It is attached to a 5 inch leather reinforced, raised and hand-stitched handle, complete with wrist strap.

This leaves interesting little marks and teaches a lesson long after the marks fade.


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