The French Martinet Whip

The French Martinet Whip


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Whips are highly specialised discipline punishment instruments with a rich French flavour. The French methodically disciplined unruly boys and girls for over a hundred years with the martinet, using it in schools and homes until the late 1970s for corporal punishment. This highly specialised instrument was refined into its modern form by Major Martinet, of the French military academy St. Cyr, (the equivalent of Sandhurst or West Point), who desired to develop an implement suitable for punishing officer cadets on their bare bottoms.

None of the paddles, straps, strops, belts, or tawses leaves the delicate lash marks unique to Martinets. Don’t let the size of The Traditional French Martinet deceive you! These delightful Martinets can gently caress but can also imprint long narrow nettle stings that leave a lasting impression and quickly correct unacceptable behaviour.


The London Tanners French Martinet has a wicked little sting, but because of its small handle, can be conveniently carried in a purse or pocket so that any transgressions committed by naughty boys or girls can be dealt with immediately. This is an exact miniature replica of a typical Martinet sold in French hardware shops for many years. The French Martinet is made with ten, 20 inches by 1/8th inch heavy oiled lashes and is attached to a 5 inch tapered wooden handle. The French Martinet comes with a wrist strap so it may be hung as a deterrent to those naughty boys and girls.

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Old Black, Rich Dark Tobacco Brown


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