Spanking Strop

Posted By on 4th January 2016

Spanking Strop

This 18 inch strap can be used for a very sound over the knee spanking, or with the recipient bent over a bed, desk or sofa. The overall length is doubled with a thickness of 1/4+ inch. The strap is made of the finest quality 10 oz (4-5mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather, with a rounded 6 inch reinforced, hand saddle-stitched handle. It is fully beveled, burnished and has finished edges with a saddlers crease line around the outside. It’s an ideal deterrent for hanging on display.

Order DD Series Spanking Strop @ €75.00

About the author

Nick is the new owner of The London Tanners since September 2015. He has worked closely with Ian, the original owner, to ensure the high standard of quality workmanship continues for many years to come. Every item is handcrafted, using the best leather and fittings available. Nick comes from Holland and currently resides in Spain.


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