The CP Ruler Strap

The CP Ruler Strap


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This simple but devastatingly effective, thick flexible Ruler Strap is great for reaching those hard to get at areas. It is made of thick 12+ oz (5-6 mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather. It measures 17 inches by I inch, and is a wicked implement. The handle length has been increased and is triple thickness for a better grip, with a rounded end for better effect. There is a D-ring by which to hang it to act as a deterrent to all who misbehave. A saddlers’ crease line runs around the strap and all the edges are beveled and burnished to a glass smooth finish.

Another use of the ruler is on the calves of the legs. Even the lightest ruler will administer stinging chastisement to the sensitive area. This punishment is usually given to small children, but is excellent for girls of all ages and has a healthy humiliating effect on the older girl who is rather too full of herself. For this purpose it has the great merit of hurting much more than the onlooker might suppose, often causing a great girl of 16 to wince or gasp at her “baby punishment”. This form of correction is often used as an appropriate punishment for girls who fail to keep their stocking seams straight. (Taken from “The Female Disciplinary Manual “, Wildfire).

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Old Black, Tobacco Brown


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