Grandma Slipper Paddle

Grandma Slipper Paddle


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This fine paddle will remind you of days gone by, when Grandma was not afraid to deliver a well earned spanking. The ‘Slipper’ part comes from its flexibility; Made of 2 layers of  British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather; the Top layer is 4mm (10 oz) and the bottom layer is 5-6mm (12+oz). It is completely hand stitched all the way around the outside edge and has a built up handle inside the two layers.  This not only gives it real substance, but also builds up the handle for better grip. Measuring 13 inches by 3 inches at the wide end, it has a 2 inch knobble at the other, with a hole for hanging. It is approx 3/8ths of an inch thick. All the edges are marked with a saddlers crease, and are fully beveled, burnished and finished.

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Old Black, Tobacco Brown


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